On view at ‘New Mythologies II’  exhibition at Huxley Parlour, London from 18 August – 17 September 2022

Work Details:
Soft pastel on 350gsm sanded paper in handmade sapele artist frame 
44cm x 65cm

‘Charlotte Edey’s works – Open, Close, 2022 use bodily forms to consider the ancient and alluring fear of seduction. The pieces are inspired by the Venus flytrap, and in particular its namesake, Aphrodite. The open and closed jaws which circle Edey’s central drawings lend the works a primal paranoia regarding consumption, and the destructive power of sensual femininity. Calling to mind Aphrodite’s trials under Hephaestus, Edey’s plush cushions and hand-held mirrors weaponise instruments of femininity’

Text by Lydia Earthy

Huxley-Parlour is pleased to present New Mythologies II, a group show of eleven artists working across painting, drawing, and mixed-media. The works in the exhibition all present responses to a fraught, contemporary climate: one which places increasing weight in the values of logic, capital, and an exponentially abstracted metaverse. Drawing on medieval, classical, magical realist and in places entirely abstract sources – New Mythologies II traces a return to dream time and logic through recourse to symbolism, allegory, and contemporary detail.

Jeanine Brito, Charlotte Edey, Molly Greene, Mary Herbert, Grace Lee, Natalia González Martín, Grace Mattingly, Tristan Pigott, Alicia Reyes McNamara, Jakob Rowlinson, Salomé Wu