Hand Embroidered Tapestry

Created for ARTISTS SUPPORT: London Edition

Almost, 2021, is an exploration of the limitations of language, of what can be lost in the attempt to articulate or name something that is felt. The threshold between the said and the unsaid. Framed in walnut, Almost is the artist’s first circular tapestry and is embroidered with nine freshwater pearls. This work is donated to support St Mungo’s charity.

Work Details:
33 x 33 x 3 cm
Hand-embroidered silk and freshwater pearls on woven jacquard in walnut

ARTISTS SUPPORT London is supported by Rebecca Ackroyd, Michael Craig-Martin, Charlotte Edey, Chantal Joffe, Anish Kapoor, Sola Olulode, Grayson Perry, Juergen Teller & Rose Wylie. ARTISTS SUPPORT is a non-profit initiative powered by artists. Each artist donates a work to a local charity of their choosing and ARTISTS SUPPORT find a buyer, ensuring 100% of the proceeds of its sale go directly to the charity the artist has selected.

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